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About Us

St Francis Sport was established in 2007 and supports the promotion of all sporting activities and events in the greater St Francis.
St Francis Sport organises the annual St Francis Sport Summer Series, that consists of about 10 events focusing on running, cycling, paddling and swimming as well as combinations of these disciplines (duathlon, triathlon and quadrathlon). The series takes place every year between 16 and 31 December at various venues within the greater St Francis.
St Francis Sport also organises the annual Bestmed Chokka Trail Run, taking place over the Women’s Day Weekend in August (9th of August). It is a two-day event and includes an ultra (62km), marathon (42km), half marathon (23km), as well as 10km, 5km and junior 1km and 3km races. The host is the Cape St Francis Resort.
Other events organised by St Francis Sport include but is not limited to is the Sand River Trail Run, Full Moon Runs, and Beach Runs. St Francis Sport also works towards hosting national and international events, such as Expedition Africa Kouga, and the annual Expedition Africa Full Moon Event.
St Francis Sport connects people through sport, with the aim to support the improvement of the sporting facilities in the area and the development of sport under juniors and previously disadvantaged groups.
We focus on the competitive as well as the recreational sports person, with the focus on family orientated sporting events.
We believe our events encourage visitors to return again and again, and ultimately to invest in the area.
The beneficiary of all St Francis Sport events is the Chokka Trail Beach Cleanup Project.
We would like to encourage as many home and business owners in St Francis to get involved in our quest and welcome sponsorship of any kind.
Our Mission Statement is

  • To connect people and sport in the greater St Francis
  • To focus on the development of sport
  • To promote St Francis as the preferred sporting destination
  • To promote all sporting codes in St Francis
  • To encourage more sporting events in the greater St Francis and Kouga Region